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The Outfit

Relic Entertainment’s first attempt at a console game is shaping up to be a huge success. The Outfit, developed for Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 console system, puts you in command of a squad of elite soldiers doing covert behind-enemy-lines missions during World War Two.

The Outfit features incredible graphics, fully destructable terrain and fast-paced combat action. Spanning 12 missions in a fictional storyline, the single player aspect of this game can be played alone or in a co-op modus in split-screen mode or via Xbox Live. The multiplayer portion of the game offers fast tactical on-line combat against multiple human opponents.

The new action points system allows you to call in reinforcements, additional vehicles such as tanks or jeeps, and upgraded weapons for your squad. To further aid you in the battle against the Nazis you will be able to call in air support and artillery strikes.

For more information, please visit the official homepage. You can also discuss the game on the official forums for The Outfit.