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Staff Information

This page presents you with the the hard working staff at RN.

Hard working, of course, in the sense that it is difficult to do absolutely nothing, and still be respected as a viable online gaming site.


  • Name: Pike, pik0r, pikelz
  • Age: 25
  • Home: Preferably with a bed… Maybe a water bed…
  • Real Life: Sleep.
  • Motivation: Sleep.
  • True Fact: I am not a bot!
  • RN Bio: I just tell other people what to do and get all the credit.
  • Quote: …zzZzz…


  • Name: Dyntheos, Forum Admin.
  • Age: ono Iam as old as Uberjumper.
  • Home: Land of Beaches and Bronzed Women (That’s Australia to all you dolts out there).
  • Real Life: Band Member of the Kentucky Killaz, System Admin as a hobby.
  • Motivation: wtf I work for RelicNews, I have no motivation.
  • True Fact: Appeared in Lord of The Rings Movie as an Orc. (I’m the one in the Moria scene 87th from the left with the big nipple rings).
  • RN Bio: I joined RN back when it was seen that the amount of ppl who had their names above the title as staff was inversly proportional to the amount of news posted, so Pike in a fit of genius (I’m thinking insanity) invited me to join, thinking more is better and more ppl on the staff would amount to more news being posted.

    Boy was he wrong. Due to the amount of impaired munchkins on the forums that needed banning and whatnot, I was able to hold to the RN ideal, and basically do nothing for the first few months. Besides, all the unsolicited email I was getting by having my email addy up for all to see was the real reason I accepted in the first place, particularly the Victorias Secret ones.

    My role here is to keep Pike awake, and hand out insults to Xypher and Fox about their personal hygene, and post some news here and there, as well as ban RedStar from the Forums, when he comes up with a new nick every month or so :)

  • Quote: I couldn’t possibly have been doing 90 officer, I was in 3rd gear and my car doesn’t go that fast in 3rd… no ticket for Dyn.


  • Name: UberJumper, non-current paratrooper.
  • Age: 32
  • Home: South Surrey, BC Canada (30 minutes east of Vancouver)
  • Real Life: Technical Support/Consulting at LISA Technologies Inc.
  • Motivation: Getting my Wife to play Homeworld.
  • True Fact: Served in the Airborne Platoon of the Royal Westminster Regiment for 2 years of my 9 years with the unit. Also served as the Company Signaller for B-coy of 3PPCLI (Royal Westminster Regiment) during the aborted 10/90 battalion experiment in the mid-90s.
  • RN Bio: Joined RN in early 2000 after Pik0r spotted me posting prolifically on the Relic Bug Submission forums (2nd highest postcount behind the much loved spammer Sno). I “Left” RN in late 2001. I “Returned” to RN in early 2002.


  • Name: Delphy, random tool writer/file cracker ;)
  • Age: 30
  • Home: Waterford, Ireland
  • Real Life: Tech Support Technician for AOL
  • Motivation: To write tools till I can’t write any more, no matter how silly they turn out to be!
  • True Fact: Yes I do work for AOL, and yes I do take calls. Ask me sometime about all the people that call up!!
  • RN Bio: Have followed Homeworld since it’s release, I’ve written a fair few of the Homeworld tools that are out there, including the Homeworld Ship Editor. Have been involved on for a while but now a full member of the staff.
  • Quote: i shall delete all the goodness and leave only evil


  • Name: Soulblighter, Collector Guardian, Teddy Bear with Teeth, soul, soulD (i have no idea how that one happened), soul|FL
  • Age: 27
  • Home: Oregon
  • Real Life: wtf.. when did the Internet become unreal? Working full time at an office/home electronics store and hoping that I get to use my IT major for a ‘real job’ soon.
  • Motivation: Money.
  • True Fact: I am a leprechaun, but pure evil so the IFL (International Fleet of Leprechaun) took away my pot of gold… vengeance will be mine… oh yes it will be mine.
  • RN Bio: It was phase 3 in my grand master plan of ruling the world with an iron fist. My duties include enforcing the forums, posting news, and sabatoge of HWU.
  • Quote: To err is human, to really screw up you need a computer


  • Name: ionfish, fishy
  • Age: 22
  • Home: I live in beer.
  • Real Life: For some reason I still haven’t been able to discern, my university haven’t kicked me out yet, so I read big, dusty books and argue with the other Philosophy students. A little web design business keeps my tank full of beer.
  • Motivation: Is that mandatory?
  • True Fact: I am not a snack.
  • RN Bio: Forum admin, joined RN some time in 2003 because they offered the best on-the-job insurance policy and free refills at the bar. About a year later, Pike asked me if I would make a new Relicnews design, and that’s when all the trouble started…
  • Quote: <Pike> where’s red fishy? ;p


  • Name: Moe, Krazy Kraut
  • Age: 22
  • Home: Germany
  • Real Life: Failing at physics, mainly. And food. Lots of food.
  • Motivation: I joined because I was promised hot chicks. Somebody owes me an explanation.
  • True Fact: Still haven’t bought DoW.
  • RN Bio:

    Joined the RN boards in 2003 after much lurkage in search of Homeworld fans. Stuck around and became a moderator for the Dawn of War section, figuring hey it can’t be that bad. Yeah right. I’m planning on doing an exhibit of the hate PMs I have been getting since then, but I can’t find enough webspace to show them all.

    With time, I somehow became more and more of a RN bitch. Personally I blame ion.

    My jobs at RN include posting news and sitting around twiddling thumbs. Come to think of it, it’s actually more of the latter.

  • Quote: Oh crap, I think I broke something.


  • Name: Someguy, that fobby asian kid, sumgai, token azn
  • Age: 22
  • Home: Sunny California
  • Real Life: Student, Graduating in the spring of 2006
  • Motivation: something or other…
  • True Fact: I am the token Asian Guy of Relic News
  • RN Bio: Gained interest in Homeworld when I first gazed on the first trailer in my copy of Half Life. This was back around 1999 – 2000. I started as a IRC ninja living there daily. I eventually lurked into the forums time and time. Eventually things took a turn when Pike asked me to get footage for Relicnews for Relic’s Dawn of War. Took really cool footage of the Relic’s Dawn of War at E3 2004. Rewarded by being a newsposter (yay?). However, where are the women?
  • Quote: Whoa, that’s one big angry robot huh?


  • Name: ceejayoz
  • Age: 22
  • Home: Melbourne, Australia and Rochester, NY USA
  • Real Life: Freelance web development, business school, and lots and lots of slacking.
  • Motivation: Ooooh, shiny!
  • True Fact: is made of monkeys
  • RN Bio: Once administrator of RelicUniverse, now King of the Code Monkeys at RN. Wishes he had a PC or an Xbox360 so he could actually play Relic games. Macs rule, though. Yeah.

Former / Inactive Staff Members

Here are some former staff members, without who this site wouldn’t be where it is right now.


  • Name: Overflow, God of Code.
  • Age: 19
  • Home: Ontario
  • Real Life: Part time 3r33t h4x0r for RDS Data Group and some other people who employ my brilliance. In the fall, I’m off to Waterloo for Computer Science.
  • Motivation: Angela.
  • True Fact: i r r00t on 4ll j00r b0x3n!
  • RN Bio:

    I joined Relicnews before there was Relicnews. I found out about Homeworld, and my search led me to Homeworld. There, I lurked, waiting for the time to strike. Eventually, indicated that they needed someone to write CGI scripts for them, so I pounced, ripping into Pike’s soft flesh, spilling his intestines onto the floor. This display impressed Pike, so he bound my life force to that of Relicnews.

    Since then, I have done very little. I wrote the original scripts, then did nothing for a very, very long time : ) Recently, I have re-emerged from the shadows with new code.

    So, my job here is that of a code monkey. Since I can no longer play any of Relic’s games (‘cept of course Homeworld, which runs well in Wine), I just hang on ’cause I like Pike so much ;)

  • Quote: `uname -sr`


  • Name: Xypher, PhotoShop Master.
  • Age: 23
  • Home: Tennessee
  • Real Life: Real Life… Hmm… Well, in real life I work at *ugh* Wal-Mart! ONO! It’s not too bad I guess since I get a 10% discount on everything, incuding PC games! I’m currently trying to pursue a career in WebDesign/Development and I’m not having too much luck with that. I’ve started my own internet based “business” and it’s worked for me so far. I’ve had a couple projects that have turned out really well, but I won’t plug anything here. :)
  • Motivation: My beautiful daughter and wife
  • True Fact: I suck at Homeworld
  • RN Bio: I’ve not really been here that long. I don’t even have a T-Shirt yet! :p I’m here for all the grahpical needs or Pike/RN/whomever. I’ll create an image and Pike will always find something wrong with it. Oh well… maybe one day I will be able to please Pike on the first try. :)
  • Quote: View > Source


  • Name: FoX, fr0x, poxxy, PHoCKS
  • Age: 22
  • Home: St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Real Life: Work, drink, sleep, RN
  • Motivation: To keep pike from complaining.
  • True Fact: I won some contest for some site to go meet some developer!
  • RN Bio: Joined the HW fan club back in ’98 when I first ran into Ran a few fan sites for homeworld and Sigma (now IC) which caused pike to get scared and take over my brooding web empire. After joining up in November of 2000 (and giving up my prized Sigma FAQ) I helped to get the fiction wing and screens wing going as well as a little news posting here and there (and lets not forget laying down the law in the Sigma/IC forums).
  • Quote: f0x r0x my s0x


  • Name: Fitzeh, stoner, stonerd, pothead, shadow|FL etc…
  • Age: 25
  • Home: The 51st state
  • Real Life: Magazine editor / Bass guitar axeman
  • Motivation: World domination, getting my hands on the hw2 beta earlier than most. Relic mug.
  • True Fact: Molle is evil
  • RN Bio: Being a site whore is a bit like being a clan whore. Since the demise of the GS i have had no outlet for my ‘creative’ talents. This site is my hero.