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UPDATE: 7/15/2014 11:25am PST

Size: 22.8MB (affects vDoW II and Chaos Rising in one)

Updated Builds:

  •  Dawn of War
  •  Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising


1. Crash Bug Fixes:

  • No longer Crash to desktop when selecting enemy hero question mark portrait.

2. Specific Bug Fixes:

  • Campaign menu Framerate no longer drops to 0 after transitioning to Judgment of Carrion.
  • Various situations that caused the countdown to be disabled has been fixed.
  • ”Waiting for” text anomalies corrected.
  • Squad labelling corrected in co-op campaign’s squad deployment screen.
  • Locked factions can no longer be used in Last Stand.
  • Network Error message no longer appears when selecting Player Statistics from within Last Stand Lobby.
  • Correct Character level now displayed in last stand if player chooses the same hero.
  • When entering a private lobby skirmish, game can start with default CPU opponent.

UPDATE: 7/9/2014 12:55pm PST

Size: 23.9MB (affects vDoW II and Chaos Rising in one)

Updated Builds:

  •  Dawn of War
  •  Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising


1. Crash Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple crash issues were resolved.
  • Game Crash when booting into Last Stand.
  • Game Crash when exiting Last Stand.
  • Game Crash when booting game.

2. Specific Bug Fixes:

  • Team Free For All now displays in-game teams correctly with teams displayed in lobby.
  • Correct team displays on the results screen at the end of a team battle game.
  • A player invited to a Find-A-Game mode can now back out of a game.
  • Accepting a coop invite no longer brings up the front end menu.
  • Level Up screen in Last Stand now shows Lifetime stats.
  • Client can now rejoin the same lobby after exiting a match.
  • All Multiplayer player statistics now update with correct information (may still have issues with Team Free for All Stats).
  • Error message no longer displayed when selecting team free for all when viewing player game stats.
  • One Client can no longer freeze the simulation of other players in the same match.
  • Game will no longer soft lock when playing consecutive multiplayer matches.

UPDATE: 7/4/2014 2:40pm PST

Size: ~ 6 – 8MB each for vDoW, DC and SS. ~ 3MB for WA.

Updated Builds:

  • -194571  :: Game of the Year Edition
  • -194571  :: Winter Assault
  • -194570  :: Dark Crusade
  • -398  ::  Soulstorm


1. Crash Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple crash issues were resolved across all dow games.

2. Specific Bug Fixes:

  • English Language download caused some corrupt or missing files.
  • Player leaving a multiplayer game may cause other players to crash/freeze. The majority of players experiencing this issue should see it resolved with this update.

3. Issues under Investigation:

  • Some players experiencing constant drops during multiplayer.
  • Delay in Unit responsiveness to mouse click commands in a multiplayer game.
  • Match Results Mismatch.

[Dawn of War] Patch Note Update 06/26/2014

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UPDATE: 6/26/2014 10:00am PST

Size: ~ 6 – 8MB each for vDoW, DC and SS. ~ 3MB for WA.

Updated Builds:

  • -194571  :: Game of the Year Edition
  • -194571  :: Winter Assault
  • -194570  :: Dark Crusade
  • -398  ::  Soulstorm


1.Specific Bug Fixes:

  • Multiplayer Game Speed & Animation mismatch now corrected. Game previously locked to one speed.
  • Corrected Simulation Mismatch. Previous Game Speed fix caused sync issue between players.


UPDATE: 6/16/2014

Size: ~ 6 – 8MB each for vDoW, DC and SS. ~ 0MB for WA.

Updated Builds:

  • -194571  :: Game of the Year Edition
  • -194571  :: Winter Assault
  • -194570  :: Dark Crusade
  • -398  ::  Soulstorm


1. Network Library:

  • Improvements to Bandwidth Usage.

2. Statistics:

  • Corrected Report Loss Statistic when player leaves game before match is complete.

3. Crash Bugs:

  • Several highly reported crash bugs were fixed.

4. Specific Bug Fixes:

  • Save Replay button is now enabled.

5. Known issues being addressed for future updates:

  • Game Speed locked to one speed.



UPDATE: 6/18/2014

Size: ~ 6 – 8MB each for vDoW, DC and SS. ~ 3MB for WA.

Updated Builds:

  • -194571  :: Game of the Year Edition
  • -194571  :: Winter Assault
  • -194570  :: Dark Crusade
  • -398  ::  Soulstorm

This update has been reverted as it relates to a sync error issue in MP play. Relic are looking at both the game speed and sync error issues, as DoW is Relic’s only title Steam to have variable game speeds in MP.

UPDATE: 6/9/2014

Size: ~ 9MB each for vDoW, DC and SS. ~ 3MB for WA.


1. DirectX/VS2005 pre-install:

  • Prevent users from prematurely cancelling pre-install of DirectX & Visual Studio.
  • Issue fixed where Dark Crusade was installed with incorrect pre-install files.

2. Multiplayer Sync/Lag code:

  • Now running multiplayer on Relic Battle Server.

3. Telemetry:

  • Analytics are now operational.
  • Allows developer to identify issues with game-play.

4. Network Library:

  • Networking optimizations to reduce bandwidth in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed rare situation where an auto-match game wouldn’t correctly start.
  • various other rare bugs addressed.

5. Bugsplat:

  • Users can now submit crash reports for the developer to help identify and resolve crash issues.

6. Specific Bug Fixes:

  • Global Chat now functional for Dark Crusade.
  • Sega splash screen runs at correct speed.
  • Vote to kick lagging player will no longer drop all players from the game.

More information and updates as I get them! :)


As people may or may not have noticed, Dawn of War has received updates. Yes, the original Dawn of War.


I’ll give the screaming legions of fanboys a moment to settle themselves, including myself.

Back to the newspost. This update goes out to all Steam versions of Dawn of War (more information on that later on). Primarily it removes the dying Gamespy, that benevolent and much-loved MP backend we pretty weren’t amazingly fond of. Less with Gamespy, more with Steamworks (more on that as well, later)!

It probably includes various other bits and fixes, Dark Crusade in particular receiving a notable upgrade to have full widescreen support (from the stretched fake widescreen it used to have).


All hail.

Trying to get more information on the subject, I reached out to Noun, from Relic Entertainment. Thankfully he was able to take time out of his schedule to answer a few questions on the subject.

Gorb: Will there be further patches, specifically to DoW 1, beyond what some have had already?

Noun: Yes, there will be further work on the Dawn of War series. We’re comitted to moving them over to a combination of our own Battle Servers and Steamworks as we did with the original Company of Heroes.

The first DoW will recieve more updates as we work to fix any issues or bugs that the transition has caused.

Gorb: Will they be Steam version only?

Noun: Yes, going forward the Dawn of War games will be Steam based.

Gorb: Likely to see patch notes, however boring they are?

Noun: At some point we’ll have a bug list where we’ll track issues we’re tackling. We’re not sure on Patch Notes at this point since it’s a lot of stuff and none of it really is user visible.

Gorb: Anything upcoming you’re allowed to talk about, i.e. a website? :p

Noun: There will be a new website. It’s coming. More details on that next week.

We’ll also have forums! But those will take a bit longer because we’re going to be looking at a few different types of forum software.

Gorb: Will there be Steam support for the older DoW games for older gamers? Only SS is redeemable currently.

Noun: They should all be redeemable if you put your original key into Steam. We haven’t heard of issues, but if you have links to people reporting them let me know and we can investigate.

Gorb: Noted, fantastic. I think that’s everything. I only asked about patch notes because DC has an updated engine and wide-screen support. Are we likely to see this in vDoW and WA? I understand if you don’t know at this point

Noun: The games are pretty close to how they’re going to be now. So the main work has focused on moving the servers over. There’s still work to do there in regards to Automatch and Leaderboards, but it’s not likely that we’ll be adding in wide-screen support at this point for the older DoW games.

Gorb: Excellent! Thanks for your time, I know how precious it always is!

Noun: No problem. You’ll be seeing more of me soon ;)

And that concludes the update for the Dawn of War series! Hopefully we’ll have more to share in the coming weeks :)

Relicnews Reviews: Bound by Flame

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An action RPG in the vein of the Witcher and Dragon Age for PS4,  PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Stab things in the eye while wrestling with your inner demons, which in this case is literally true.

Find out more by clicking here



Fascinating!  You can buy an individual army!


Here’s the blurb from the official post.

Since announcing Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies fan excitement has been incredibly high. Last week we started the process of collecting applications for a closed Alpha test of the new US Forces and Oberkommando West factions and within a few hours reached our goal of 5,000 applications.

Today we’re happy to announce that we have started taking pre-orders for the new factions.

For $19.99 USD you’ll get both the US Forces and the Oberkommando West factions for Company of Heroes 2. As stand-alone additions to the game these factions will give you access to the CoH2multiplayer experience, without requiring you to own the base game.

For pre-ordering you’ll get the following bonus content:

  • 2 new vehicle skins (1 per faction) – applicable to all weight classes
  • 2 faceplates (1 per faction)

Everyone on the Company of Heroes 2 team is hard at work finishing up the armies for our June 24th launch. We can’t wait to have fans around the world play these exciting new armies. As always we’re grateful for your continued support.

Pre-Order Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies from the following retailers:


There’s a snazzy video as well.




Also, it came with a couple of images for your perusal :-)

COH2_Armies_ForestPersuit CoH2_Preorder_1920x1080


Company of Heroes 2: Elbe Day Update!

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From the folks at Relic!

American and Russian Troops Meeting at Elbe River

Letter from the Producer: Elbe Day Update

April 25th 1945 marked the meeting of the Eastern and Western Fronts at Torgau on the Elbe river approximately 140km southwest of Berlin. The Soviet Army, covering hundreds of kilometers in the final few months of the war had pushed their way past and around Berlin, where they finally linked up with the Western Allied forces rapidly moving east from the beaches of Normandy and the forests of Belgium. While mostly symbolic, the meeting was an important reminder of the vital alliance between the Allied forces that helped end German aggression and finally bring to an end nearly 6 years of war in Europe.

To commemorate Elbe Day, we’re releasing two new Commanders, and they’re free for all players. Each of the Commanders introduces a preview unit from the upcoming release of Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies.

The Soviet Lend Lease Commander calls in an iconic Sherman tank to the battlefield. The Sherman was the primary battle tank used by the Western Allies and one of several vehicles the Soviet army had access to through the Lend Lease program with the United States.

The German Mobile Defense Doctrine Commander calls in the mobile Puma, an armored car equipped with a 50mm canon. The Puma is an 8 wheel vehicle whose speed and versatility made it an ideal for scouting and reconnaissance missions.

In addition to the free Commanders , we are also releasing the Elbe Day Update containing a number of balance changes and game improvements to help us build momentum towards the June release of Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies.

The studio is excited to share our vision for the next phase of Company of Heroes 2, and are pleased we can offer you this sneak peak of two units from the Western Front.
Stay tuned for more details on the Western Front Armies in the coming weeks.
- Greg Wilson, Executive Producer Company of Heroes 2

They also sent along the change log. See attached document!

Elbe Day Update – Changelog

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