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Impossible Creatures: Insect Invasion

Insect Invasion is a free add-on for Impossible Creatures that was released in Spring 2003. Here’s the official blurb about Insect Invasion:

Deadly new Insect Strains spread terror across Internet!

Experts predict a spring of chaos and mayhem as flying swarms of bone crushing, web slinging, poisonous spiders and other deadly new species descend on an unsuspecting gaming community when Relic Entertainment, Inc releases its new add-on MOD Insect Invasion for Impossible Creatures.

Available for free download in Spring 2003, Insect Invasion is an add-on MOD for Impossible Creatures, the latest 3-D real-time strategy game from Alex Garden and Relic Entertainment, creators of the critically acclaimed Homeworld. Building on the popularity of Impossible Creatures and its’ MOD-friendly engine, Relic ups the ante with 15 new creatures, 9 new abilities and other game enhancements that add even more to Impossible Creatures already unprecedented gameplay features.

Coinciding with this release is further support for the MOD community with a sample SDK, of the Impossible Creatures engine, updated tools and a packager that enables users to easily distribute their own maps and scenarios. More information on the Impossible Creatures Engine and tools can be found on the Relic Developer Network (RDN) at

Relic Entertainment is committed to building on the imaginative, fun RTS experience in Impossible Creatures and delivers on these key features:

  • 15 new base insects and animals that can be combined to create a vast number of mutant creatures, the results of which are limited only by players’ creativity.
  • 9 new abilities for army strategy enhancement and further tactic definition.
  • New environments and Multiplayer Maps.
  • Increase your tactics and strategies through many new gameplay enhancements that build on existing features in Impossible Creatures.