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Impossible Creatures Downloads

IC Single Player Demo

If you’re itching to create the most unique armies ever found in a real-time strategy (RTS) game then download the Impossible Creatures trial version and play through three single-player missions, a tutorial and two “player vs. CPU” maps. The Sigma Combiner is also included, enabling you to create your own army of fearsome creatures that are generated by mixing and matching the various parts of two different animals. Fourteen animals are included in the trial version, while 50 different animals will be available in the retail product.
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Impossible Creatures v1.01

The Impossible Creatures Update v1.1 adds a new mod selector screen, sound engine updates, better mod support, several gameplay balance changes and much more. Click here for a full listing of changes.

Insect Invasion v1.04

This will update your version of Insect Invasion to v1.04. The patch includes some bug fixes as well as some balance tweaks.
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Official Mods

Insect Invasion

Please note that this mod requires version 1.1 of Impossible Creatures to be installed. It adds six new maps and 15 brand-new animals, which include several all-new combat abilities to Impossible Creatures. Click here for more information on Insect Invasion.

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The RDN IC Companion contains all the tools that you will require in order to start creating IC mods. The IC SDK includes source code from the IC engine that can be used to create Total Conversion Mods for IC. It comes complete with a small sample MOD that demonstrates how programmers can implement new game play in the IC engine. Both downloads are available from Relic’s RDN Tools Download Page (Login required).