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Impossible Creatures: Articles

Microsoft and Relic Announce Impossible Creatures

The official press release announcing Impossible Creatures.

Impossible Creatures Battle Report

Pike gets his butt kicked by a CPU opponent and proceeds to write about it.

Impossible Creatures Multiplayer Beta – Firewall Troubleshooting Guide

This guide contains workarounds for firewall problems some people were experiencing with the beta.

Impossible Creatures Pre-Order Program Begins Today at Select Retailers

The press release informing customers about the start of the pre-order program for Impossible Creatures.

Creatures List for Retail Version

This is a complete alphabetical list of the 51 animals to be included in the retail version of Impossible Creatures.

Lions, Tigers and Mutant Animals Do Battle…

Another press release regarding the imminent release of Impossible Creatures.

Impossible Creatures Insect Invasion – Released!

Announcing the release of a free add-on to Impossible Creatures.

Impossible Creatures 1.1 Patch Info

Here’s a summary of the Changes in Impossible Creatures 1.1.