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Impossible Creatures

Released in 2003 and published by Microsoft, Impossible Creatures is an innovative, unconventional real time strategy game by Relic Entertainment. Rather than building tanks or soldiers, players can “construct” animals and send them into battle. More than 50 animals that can be combined to create a vast number of mutant creatures which inherit abilities and attributes from their parent animals.

By building these creatures into powerful and effective armies, players can choose from a virtually unlimited amount of different strategies to tackle their opponents. Instead of having to choose from a limited set of pre-built units, each player can create their own individual army consisting of creatures suited best for the task at hand.

The single player campaing lets players command dozens of creatures, and henchmen in 15 missions across 14 distinct islands, with four different environments such as deserts or tropical jungles, each with their own specific flora and fauna. Fast and ferocious multiplayer games bring a fresh RTS experience by focusing on furious, combat-driven action.

Relic has released a free expansion set called Insect Invasion, adding 15 new insectoid base animals to the game. For more information and download links please refer to our Insect Invasion page.

For more information, discussions and strategies visit the official forums or Impossible Creature’s community site ICPlanet. Support is offered on the technical assistance forums.