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Homeworld 2 FAQ

There are currently a few Homeworld 2 FAQs available.

Relic Forums FAQ
A fairly comprehensive FAQ put together by the community. Also includes quotes from various Relic Developers regarding HW2.

Official HW2 FAQ
General information about the game, a good read if you have some general questions.

At some point in time, there was no HW2 FAQ. We, however, had written the following poem to explain all. We just leave it here so that we don’t forget…

There once was a game Called Homeworld2,
An amazing sequel we all knew.
Alas came the rumors in the dark,
of which set the community aspark.
Woe was the world at this news,
At which all reports refuse.
So we wait with hope,
As we glance at the rope.
And dream all the rumors are untrue.

Of course, the rumours proved to be untrue…