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Homeworld 2: Articles

Here you will find a selection of articles on Homeworld 2.

Homeworld 2 Chat 06-2002

Alex G from Relic Entertainment and Genevieve Ostergard from Sierra answer questions regarding Homeworld 2.

E3 2003 – HW2 @ the Nvidia booth

A batch of screenshots from a HW2 demo shown at E3 2003.

E3 2003 – Video Interview with Josh Mosquiera

FoX interviewed Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer on Homeworld 2, at E3 2003. You can find both the original video from the interview as well as a transcript here.

Homeworld 2 Modding Interview

An interview with Relic regarding modding in Homeworld 2.

HW2 Logo Belt Buckle!

his is the story of a belt buckle made by Yian sporting the HW2 Angel Moon logo in his words.

HW2 Goes Gold

The original news article announcing that Homeworld 2 has reached Gold status.

HW2 Demo Press Release

The article announcing the release of the official Homeworld 2 demo.