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Homeworld Articles

Relicnews’ archive of Homeworld-related articles.

All-Star Warez Review

By Pax. ‘Nuff said.

The top 50 indications that you’ve been obsessing over Homeworld

The classic list of signs you might’ve been playing just a little too much Homeworld.

Why Homeworld is Better Than Pants

If you’ve never read this, you can’t really call yourself a Homeworlder.

Screw the Community, I’m Going Home

The failings of the community, as explained by Pax.

Pilotview How-To

How to enable the Pilotview feature.

Homeworld Patch version 1.04 info

Details of the fourth (and penultimate) Homeworld patch.

Homeworld: Play as a Group

UberJumper incites the community to play Homeworld as a group, with live updates on IRC. From 2002.