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Relic Entertainment’s first game, Homeworld introduced a revolutnionary step in real-time strategy gaming with its release in September 1999. The first RTS game to feature fully three-dimensional battlefields Homeworld became Real Time Strategy Game of the Year 1999.

Homeworld lets the player command massive armadas of space ships ranging from tiny interceptors to gigantic battlecruisers. During the campaign, the player leads the Hiigarans back to their home, fighting off numerous threats and finally going toe-to-toe with one of the most powerful imperiums of the galaxy.

The game features a free three-dimensional camera, true 3-D movement for all units, spectacular graphics and stunning visual effects. Published by Sierra, combines an epic single-player storyline and the ability to fight CPU or human opponents via LAN or internet to form an all-round bestselling game which still maintains all of the standards of a strategy game – from harvesting resources and exploring a huge environment to researching new technologies and building dozens of vessels. However, Homeworld takes space strategy in a new direction by bringing the action into a 3-D world. Unlike strategy games that take place in two dimensions, there are no “choke points” where troops pile up waiting to move from one side of the map to the other. Instead, your enemy may attack from any direction. You will manage all aspects of your armada, even down to the color scheme for the fleet and deciding when your ships need to dock for refueling.

For discussions about strategy or the homeworld universe, visit the official forums. You will also find help with technical problems you may encounter in the technical assistance forum.