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Homeworld: Cataclysm

After the 1999 hit game Homeworld, Sierra commissioned Barking Dog Studios to do a stand alone episode set in the same game universe. Dubbed Homeworld: Cataclysm, this expansion was released in 2000. Don’t be fooled by the “expansion” tag though, Cataclysm is in fact a whole new game.

Cataclysm consists of a 17 mission plot in which a secondary homeworld clan or kiith, the Somtaaw, battle a new and deadly foe, the Beast. During these missions new technologies and vessels are made available, and old friends and foes like the Bentusi and the Taiidan empire make reappearences. The Somtaaw gradually change from a lowely mining clan to… well that you will have to see for yourself.

Additionally you can battle the CPU in skirmishes or human opponents via LAN or internet on a number of new maps taking advantage of new Cataclysm features such as crystals or asteroid showers.

Featuring a vastly overhauled and streamlined interface, redesigned weapon systems and compelling multiplayer, Cataclysm is a fitting add-on to the top strategy game of 1999, Homeworld. The graphics engine has also been overhauled and expanded with new effects such as shockwaves and shield effects. Cataclysm adds new gameplay features to the original Homeworld elements, such as energy shields and remote-controlled drones, to name a few.

You can discuss everything about Cataclysm on the official forums. If you are having trouble with the game, you can post in the technical support forums.

Thanks to Zepherian for helping with this introduction.

Homeworld: Cataclysm


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