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Dawn of War Downloads


Dawn of War Demo

The Dawn of War demo contains a single player mission from the Dawn of War campaign, two skirmish maps that you can play on as Space Marines, and a tutorial.

Dawn of War demo download.

Dawn of War: Winter Assault Demo

This is the demo version of the Winter Assault expansion for Dawn of War. It will let you play a mission from the single player campaign and also offers a skirmish mode. Note that this demo requires a full version of Dawn of War to run. You will also need the latest versions of graphics drivers for your cards.

Winter Assault demo download.


Patch v1.01

This patch resolves sync error issues that would occur if a player with an International version of the game would try to play with somebody with the English version of the game.

International Version Patch

English Version Patch

Patch v1.1

Patch 1.1 addresses some stability and balance issue with the game, as well as including two new multiplayer maps. You can view the complete list of changes here.

International Version Patch

English Version Patch

Patch v1.2

Patch 1.2 of Dawn of War adds two new Multiplayer maps (Railway and Crossroads) fixes the Seer Council conceal ability, as well as the Chaos Taint ability and provides some impovements to the online Lobby.

International/English Version Patch

Patch v1.3

This patch introduces a slew of new features including Observer Mode, a Friend List, Arranged Team Automatch and a Mod Manager. It also includes various balance changes to all races. You can see the complete change list here.

International/English Version Patch

Patch v1.4

1.4 brings more balance changes along with several code modifications to prepare the game for the expansion set. The balance changes can be found in the changelog.

International/English Version Patch

Patch v.1.41

Officially referred to as a hotfix, 1.41 brings a few balance changes along with critical bugfixes for Winter Assault. The changelog can be found here.

International/English Version Patch

Comprehensive Patch 1.0-1.41

This all-in-one package will patch any version of DoW or WA to 1.41. You can download it here.

Modding Tools

The modding tools for Dawn of War enable modders to create custom maps, import new units, create single-player missions and generally modify the game. The current version is compatible with Dawn of War and Winter Assault version 1.41 and come in two flavors.

DoW Mod Tools 1.41 with Samples

This version of the mod tools contains sample files. If you are new to Dawn of War modding you should download this release here.

DoW Mod Tools 1.41 without Samples

This smaller version contains all mod tools but comes without sample files. Recommended for advanced modders. You can download this file here.