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Dawn of War Articles

Here you will find a selection of articles on Dawn of War.

Dawn of War Patch History

This page lists the Dawn of War patch history from 1.1 to the most recent patch.

h3. “Chronica Modificatus Issue 1″:/dawn-of-war/dow-articles/chronica-modificatus-1/

Finaldeath, RN moderator for the Adeptus Modificatus boards, presents the first issue of what we hope will become a series of updates and interviews from the modding community.

h3. “Chronica Modificatus Issue 2″:/dawn-of-war/dow-articles/chronica-modificatus-2/

The second issue of Chronica Modificatus.

Relic Army Showcase: Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson demonstrates his passion for the Warhammer 40,000 universe with these exclusive images of his spectacular Ork army.

Readers’ Army Showcase: Vijil

Our readers are just as talented as Relic’s staff when it comes to painting and converting; in this article, Relic Forums moderator Vijil shows off his Iron Warriors.