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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

Dawn of War represents Relic Entertainment’s latest venture into the real time strategy genre. Set against the background of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe, Dawn of War offers visceral front-line combat, a revolutionary resourcing system and dozens of beautifully animated units that unleash their destructive power upon each other on fully three-dimensional maps.

The game consists of a singleplayer campaign spanning eleven different missions, a skirmish option where the player can fight the advanced AI, and a LAN and internet multiplayer part. During the course of the campaign you take control of the Space Marine’s Blood Ravens, which you lead in fights against Orks, Eldar and the forces of Chaos. Additional support is sometimes provided by the Imperial Guard. The player can also field powerful heros with special abilities to supplement the arsenal of vehicles and foot soldiers. Building upgrades enable the creation of new units or provide existing ones with new weapons and abilities.

Besides the campaign Dawn of War offers fast-paced multiplayer combat. Sporting different game modes such as Annihilation, Take and Hold and Assassination, this portion of the game lets the player battle against up to seven opponents via LAN or the internet through a matchmaking system powered by Gamespy.

An Expansion called “Winter Assault” brings the Imperial Guard as a fifth playable race into the game. Besides adding new campaigns and new units for each race the expansion also adds new features such as tunnels. Dawn of War: Winter Assault was released fall 2005 and is available in stores now.More info can be found on Relicnews’ Winter Assault page.

The official forums for Dawn of War are part of and can be directly accessed via this link. Besides a general discussion area they offer strategy and replay sections as well as technical assistance and bug reporting. Those who wish to learn about the WH40k background, discuss fluff or show off their army lists can visit the tabletop forums. Relicnews also offers modding support in the dedicated mod forums.

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