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First of all please note that Relicnews is in no way affiliated with Relic Entertainment. They create the games. We bring you the news about those games.

Our current posting policy follows:

If a story of note, article, or rumor is posted on an external source or provided to, we will make best efforts to ensure information or links posted about or to said item(s) meet the following conditions:

  1. The item is substantially new and interesting
  2. The item does not violate any legal agreements
  3. The item does not cause harm to any party

In addition, any rumors will be defined as such. Rumors are not official information. defines official information as information commented on by Relic or the game in question’s publisher.

That being said, un-official information doesn’t necessarily denote false information. Rather, it means that Relic or the game in question’s publisher does not officially confirm the information.

If you have news you feel should be reported, or have other background information you would like to provide about any and all things Relic related, feel free to drop us a line.