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Company of Heroes

Relic Entertainment’s current PC project, Company of Heroes, is a real time strategy game set around the time of the Allied invasion of France during World War II. Rather than commanding whole armies, the player assumes command of a few individual squads and leads them through an epic campaign.

Company of Heroes is the first RTS game featuring a fully destructive 3-D environment. Most objects, as well as the terrain itself, can be damaged and re-shaped by explosions from grenades, artillery barrages or air strikes, to name a few examples. This allows for completely new strategies to achieve mission objectives. The game will also feature one of the most advanced AIs ever implemented into an RTS, with units reacting independently to a changing environment.

Aside from the single player campaign Company of Heroes features fast-paced multiplayer combat for up to eight people via LAN or internet. The game is scheduled for release in 2006.

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