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Remember last year? Yeah it’s on again! March Mayhem at The Escapist! Relic’s up against

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Piranhna Games in round one. Relic’s got an early lead. Update: Relic has defeated Piranhna Games in Round 1.

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Next up, Relic vs CCP. Relic again, out to an early lead. Update2: Relic has defeated CCP in Round 2. Next up, Relic vs Kojima Productions. Relic again, out to an early lead, but this time with a narrower margin. The rounds will get tougher from here on. If Relic gets past this round, it’s Relic vs Epic OR Bioware. Update3: Relic has defeated Kojima Productions but is now taking on Bioware and losing badly. Vote who you want to vote for. Tough one for me, as I completed two Bioware games recently, Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age, and both were superb. However, my love for Homeworld knows no bounds.

Ten years ago, on September 28th, 1999, Homeworld was making its way onto store shelves. The release of that game hinted that the future for Relic Entertainment would be bright. Since then, Relic’s developed six additional titles (with another six expansion packs spread amongst them), with more in development.

Relic’s work with THQ on Dawn of War piqued the publisher’s interest in the studio (who until working with Relic on Dawn of War had only released two titles and one expansion) resulting in Relic’s purchase by THQ. As a result, the vast majority of people who have played Relic’s games have been fans of games other than Homeworld. To correct this, on the tenth anniversary of Homeworld’s release, is proud to announce the rerelease of the Homeworld Raider Retreat standalone demo of Homeworld.

If you’ve found your way to the Relic community after playing Impossible Creatures, one of the Dawn of War games or expansions, Company of Heroes, “The Outfit” or you are learning about Relic for the first time and never had the chance to play Homeworld, Raider Retreat is a great introduction. Raider Retreat is a version of Homeworld that has five single player missions (including one that was not in the original Homeworld). It also allowed unrestricted skirmish against the AI and full multiplayer over LAN.

We touched on this earlier, but now, thanks to GameRanger and Worthplaying, people who missed out on Homeworld and its slow burn multiplayer can now have the chance.

With the death of Homeworld’s built in multiplayer (, the small but enthusiastic fan base has moved to other venues, mostly using software that simulates a LAN to enable multiplayer. As Homeworld Raider Retreat has full LAN play, and GameRanger was one of the popular services that Homeworld players were using, we contacted Scott Kevill at GameRanger. As a result, GameRanger has added support for Homeworld Raider Retreat into GameRanger.

The Raider Retreat download is just under 200MB. To help us get this relatively large file distributed, we contacted Rainier at Worthplaying’s usually been the first to contact with patch mirrors when Relic releases a patch or demo and he stepped up to host this as well.

For more information on this release, download links and multiplayer tips, please see the “Homeworld Quickstart Kit” put together by long time community member molo (and others).

Round 5 is up!

This time it’s Relic Vs Bioware. We’re down the the final four now. It’s Bioware Vs Relic and Turbine Vs Nintendo.

At the time of this post, Bioware is up 608 to 540. Vote once, and vote with your heart. Bioware’s another great developer so it’s no dishonour for Relic to lose to them. For me though, it still comes down to Homeworld :-)

Round four of The Escapist’s March Madness begins tomorrow. Voting starts at 6am EST Tomorrow.

Relic Entertainment made March Mayhem history today by becoming the winner of March Mayhem’s first overtime match. In the process they also participated in March Mayhem’s most epic match to date. Surely it will go down in this event’s history as nothing less than
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a classic.The Harmonix match was nearly as impressive with a close finish.
If you thought a poll between two videogame developers couldn’t be down to the wire nail-biting fun, think again. Can these two developers, so disparate in the types of games they make yet so similar in their devotion to quality, deliver a Round 4 classic?

Harmonix makes Rock Band for those that have enjoyed it.

The next round is up!

Can Relic take on the Blizzard Juggernaut and WIN? They’ve defeated Insomniac AND Infinity Ward. Blizzard though… that’s a tough one! At the time of this post, Relic is up 55 votes to 36! Can they hold the lead? I guess we’ll find out :-)

UPDATE: After Relic holding the lead for most of the day, Blizzard’s devs have posted on their forums encouraging users to vote. Blizzard’s just pulled ahead by 24 votes in the last view minutes. Count at this time, 1231 to 1207 for Blizzard.

Seriously folks, every vote counts! But no ballot stuffing, that’s just wrong.

UPDATE Morning of 3/27: It’s neck and neck folks. 1780 for Activision Blizzard versus 1782 for Relic. Seriously, your vote counts!

Update Morning of 3/28: Polls closed at 6am Pacific time. The Escapist staff were on hand to close them and have indicated that they will be doing a dupe check. It looks like at this time, Relic has a 4 vote lead (2636 to 2632)! I suspect a lot of strategic voting went down by other studio fans from other brackets to help prevent Blizzard from moving on.

UPDATE 2 Morning of 3/28: Polled closed, and The Escapist staff dumped a bunch of duplicate accounts. It ended up in a tie! Voting is now re-opened until 3pm Eastern tomorrow! GET YOUR VOTE IN AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOSH NO DUPLICATES

UPDATE Morning of 3/29: Polls close at 3pm EST Today. Relic’s down by 30ish votes (2996 to 2965). If you’ve not voted, please take this time to help Relic win this Internet Popularity contest :-)

UPDATE Afternoon of 3/29: Polls closed, and when they did, it looked like Blizzard was up with big lead. It looks like that after the duplicates have been removed, Relic’s won! 3012 to 3026! Next up, Harmonix. Will update with a link later!

As per our last

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post about The Escapist’s March Mayhem feature, Relic was up against Insomniac. They’ve won that round and are now up against the Infinity Ward juggernaut.

The 5th vs 12th seed upset, one of the most consistent upsets in NCAA basketball and certainly no different for Relic Entertainment. But after scraping by in the last round, can this underdog possibly hope to win against Call of Duty juggernaut Infinity Ward? Sure Relic Entertainment makes genre defining RTS games, but is being a big fish in that niche genre’s pond enough?

It’s the battle of the acronyms as the RTS faces off against the FPS.

When I saw “Infinity Ward” I knew Relic’d be in for a tough fight. Relic at the time of this post is up 333 votes to 285… how long can they hold the lead? Can Relic pull out a win? This’ll be tough!

I’ve been an early adopter for Microsoft Operating Systems since Windows 98. I was there on launch day buying my copies of Vista for use with my GeForce 8800 GTS. I was super keen to download the CoH Direct X 10 patch (which took 3 hours to install due to a bad hard drive). Overall though, I knew game peformance would be slower than XP until the video card drivers improved.

I’ve been telling folks for a while that game performance and compatibility on Vista was a non-issue. Especially for Relic games. I’m actually working on an Article outlining running all of Relic’s PC games running on Vista X64. Spoiler: Relic games run in Vista as well as they do in XP (and better for CoH, as it has DX10 and XP does not).

Video card drivers have been improving for a while now, and we’ve now got benchmarks showing Vista SP1 besting XP SP3 performance wise for World in Conflict, Supreme Commander, and Crysis from

If you were using Vista’s gaming performance as an excuse to not get Vista, it’s time to find something else to hitch your horse too! I’ve said it since I’ve had it installed, Vista is Microsoft’s best OS yet. If you have questions about Vista and gaming, post a comment and I’ll try and respond. If you want to dis Microsoft, feel free to post as well, but don’t expect a response :-D

Looks like it’s a bit of a sad day (and several days after the fact). Relic’s first community manager, Allie “Buggo” Henze is no longer at Relic. Allie was Relic’s first “version” of a community manager. I think I can speak for all the fans when I say that we appreciate everything Allie did for the community and for us fans.

To the members of the Relic community, we have to tell you that Buggo is currently pursuing other opportunities. This has led to some speculation that Relic will no longer be supporting our loyal fans – nothing could be further from the truth. Soon we will be introducing you to new members of Relic who will carry forth the commitment we have to our fans. We are expanding our community support greatly over the coming months; better support for our modders, frequent updates about what’s going on in the studio, expanding our numbers, contests, content, and more.

And for those wondering, we are still hosting our upcoming community open house – you don’t want to miss it because you’ll be treated to some sneak previews of our work.

Thank you for your continued support!

Relic Entertainment

Official post here.

Buggo does still have an account on the forums, and hopefully will be able to pop in and say hi (I’d not expect her to be able to comment on Relic and all the cool stuff she worked on). The forum staff helped Relic out by modifying her account to be named “Relic” and then created a new account for Buggo. Any posts on the “Relic” account before April 24th were made by Allie, and anything after were from another Relic rep. I expect to hear more soon from Relic about their intentions, but it’s been made very clear to me that they’re not going to go without a community manager type position again. Also, as far as I know, the Relic Open House is still on, and judging on the biggest fan contest starts today at noon pacific.

Allie, you set the bar pretty high for any future community folks at Relic. I hope whoever gets the position next can meet the community’s expectations. Good luck in the future and we’ll see you around!

Relic’s biggest fan cialis generic overnight delivery contest cialis pharmacy forum viagra amazon 2008 is accepting submissions until Friday. Last nepal online pharmacy year, Goldo_0 won with this entry (100 MB download). Not only did viagra generic he get a free trip to Vancouver, he got a job at Relic! Get vegetal viagra your submissions online pharmacy

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tadalafil in, and good large dose cialis luck to precio de la pastilla cialis en mexico whoever wins!

A new video has showed up on Youtube last evening. I’ll say that it’s pretty darn impressive watching big angry giant robots slug it out against the horde of orcs.

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