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Homeworld Remastered Launch Day & Reviews!

Posted in Forums, Gearbox, General, Homeworld, Homeworld 2 by on February 25th, 2015

Folks it has

been a long time coming and it is hard to believe that it is here. Homeworld has been resurrected from the Karos Graveyard and is launching today on Steam in 30 mins from the time of this post. Gearbox has seen fit to do not just the Homeworld, but the entire gaming community an amazing service by not remastering but restoring Homeworld to a level that many of us here could have only dreamed. I know that many of us here at Relicnews news would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you and our gratitude for the work they have put in to the HW:RC. The Steam preload is active now so you still have some time to unlock and play as soon as it releases. While you are waiting for the game to either download and/or unlock, feel free to check out some of the reviews that have been coming out for the Homeworld Remastered Collection. In addition, the Relicnews forum section for Homeworld Remastered is active and available for all to come and make themselves at home yet again. As the single largest Homeworld fansite STILL in existence today, we plan on keeping the legacy going for multiplayer discussion, modding and of course whatever else comes along with Homeworld. So stay a while and come join us.   Also while you are here, come join us over in our IRC channel and hang out with us Dolts. So load up your favorite IRC client and head over. IRC: Channel: #homeworld   IGN: 9/10

Homeworld: The Remastered Collection does a fantastic job of polishing up and reintroducing these formerly hard-to-experience classic real-time strategy games. Over the 15 years since it first came out, these exciting, large-scale space battles haven’t been matched, much less surpassed, and its outstanding atmosphere and story can teach modern game developers valuable lessons on how to make the most of simple animation, dramatic camera angles, and a largely classical score. With only a few missions and ideas that stand out as poor with the benefit of hindsight, it’s amazing how well Homeworld holds up as a single-player focused RTS, and I can recommend it as strongly today as we did in 1999  

LazyGamer: 8.5

And now, it’s finally here. After seventeen years, Homeworld fans have the opportunity to once again explore the original classic duo, reborn anew with flashy coats of paint. At least, they have the opportunity to do so without resorting to arcane pc magic to get it to work. Is it worth it? Here’s a spoiler: It totally is. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll absolutely adore the remastered edition… …The huge amount of work that went into modernizing and reinterpreting the many visuals, from the ships to the wonderfully abstract nebulous backdrops feel like a massive love letter to both the original game, and to the fans who love it.

  CGMagonline: 9/10

The Homeworld collection is a fantastic and complex RTS that will challenge players with an almost intimidating amount of depth of choice. It tells a serious, engaging story, and has skirmish modes that will test both strategic thinking and the ability to think quickly under pressure. This is a very different beast from StarCraft which is a good thing, since not every RTS has to be based on that concept. For younger RTS fans, one of the greats of the genre has finally returned.

  And check out TotalBiscuit’s thoughts on the Homeworld Remastered Collection here: And of course the ever popular Scott Manley is doing a play through of Homeworld Remastered which you can check out here as well:  

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Blackbird Needs Your Help!

We’re looking for people who would like to be part of a closed beta testing group for our unreleased sci-fi strategy game HARDWARE. Up until now, the game has been tested exclusively by a small group of die-hard RTS fans from, however, after much iteration and development we

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feel it’s time to expand this beta to include even more Relicnews members. That said, we will be selecting a limited amount of new members to join the early closed beta group.

Click here if you have questions!

Click here if you want to bypass the questions and sign up directly!

Update: Thanks for your interest folks! They’ve got enough for now! Should be seeing some activity on this on Friday the 20th!

Going on a bit of a “rant” here, I promise, it’ll be short. Little bit of a public shaming for THQ’s support organization who from what I can see are trying to do the best they can with not enough resources.

THQ Support is known to send people to the forums to get support for Relic’s games. We’re a privately run forums staffed by volunteers. Perfectly reasonable for THQ support to spot a new problem on a community forum, identify a fix from it and document it in their database. But to send people to our forums to ask for help? That tells me that either THQ needs more support staffers, or they’re lazy.

Support for games often requires patches. The game companies provide them. Often games, like Relic games, require you to download patches as you log in. That means they’re already hosted on the publisher’s servers.

Now when it comes to patches, sometimes fans mirror patches as well, and post them publically. Sometimes even posting them in fan run support forums. Moe had his server also resolve to and had the DoW Patches listed.

So what does THQ Support do? In a public support article, they use the list of DoW patch downloads from Moe’s server. Lazy THQ, Lazy. In all honesty I expect that someone there thought was a THQ hosted URL. Still doesn’t excuse it though. The bad part is, that Moe’s server’s been down for the last couple of weeks, so guess what, no one using that article has been able to download patches!

Edit: Just noticed this. I was *wondering* why people would MSN me asking about that error. THQ Support needs to add this info to the article so people can fix that themselves if the forums go down.

Update: Added

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“- Sometimes” to the Article title. I’ve been taken to task for suggesting the THQ support team is lazy for sending people to our forums for support as it is not THQ’s Support’s policy to send users to our forums for official support. As a support person, I know how hard it is to keep up when your corporation has you doing to much with too little resources (time and staff). I don’t know *what* the internal situation is at THQ’s various support organizations, so anything you read above is speculation on my part based on the few issues that have come to light on the Relic forums.

Relicon UK Lan Weekend

Posted in Forums, General, Relic by on August 5th, 2008

fuggles from the forums is trying to plan out a community lan party in celebration of Dawn of War 2 and the Community. However this will only happen it there is enough community backing. So whoever is interested should go and take a look.

“Relicon UK”:

Looks like it’s a bit of a sad day (and several days after the fact). Relic’s first community manager, Allie “Buggo” Henze is no longer at Relic. Allie was Relic’s first “version” of a community manager. I think I can speak for all the fans when I say that we appreciate everything Allie did for the community and for us fans.

To the members of the Relic community, we have to tell you that Buggo is currently pursuing other opportunities. This has led to some speculation that Relic will no longer be supporting our loyal fans – nothing could be further from the truth. Soon we will be introducing you to new members of Relic who will carry forth the commitment we have to our fans. We are expanding our community support greatly over the coming months; better support for our modders, frequent updates about what’s going on in the studio, expanding our numbers, contests, content, and more.

And for those wondering, we are still hosting our upcoming community open house – you don’t want to miss it because you’ll be treated to some sneak previews of our work.

Thank you for your continued support!

Relic Entertainment

Official post here.

Buggo does still have an account on the forums, and hopefully will be able to pop in and say hi (I’d not expect her to be able to comment on Relic and all the cool stuff she worked on). The forum staff helped Relic out by modifying her account to be named “Relic” and then created a new account for Buggo. Any posts on the “Relic” account before April 24th were made by Allie, and anything after were from another Relic rep. I expect to hear more soon from Relic about their intentions, but it’s been made very clear to me that they’re not going to go without a community manager type position again. Also, as far as I know, the Relic Open House is still on, and judging on the biggest fan contest starts today at noon pacific.

Allie, you set the bar pretty high for any future community folks at Relic. I hope whoever gets the position next can meet the community’s expectations. Good luck in the future and we’ll see you around!

There’s a thread running on the forums about people’s recollections of the Relic Open House. If you haven’t already, pop in and have a read. If you visited Relic for the open house, and haven’t posted your impressions yet, go for it!

Relic didn’t announce any new games, expansions or anything like that, but we did get to find out they have several teams working on various projects. Watch here for an article (once approved – NDA issues), about my recollections for the weekend.

Dark Crusade Mentor Program

Posted in Dawn of War, Forums by on February 21st, 2007

One of our forum members by the name of Lor3-16 is organizing a Dark Crusade mentor program. The idea is that experienced people take newbies under their wing for a while to teach them the ins and outs of online play.

You can read more about the program “in this thread”: or send a message to Lor if you’re interested in signing up as a mentor.

Child's Play 2006

Posted in Forums by on October 9th, 2006

It’s almost that time of year again!.

Let’s see if we can beat last year’s total.

Notable Forum Threads

Posted in Forums, Relicnews by on August 27th, 2006

You may have noticed a little item appear in the right-hand sidebar titled “Notable Forum Threads”. These are forum threads selected by our staff for being particularly interesting, important, funny, or anything else that catches our attention. Enjoy ‘em!

If you’re interested in getting these in your feed reader, the RSS feed is “available here”:

It does seem to disappear occasionally, presumably due to an error fetching the RSS feed. Don’t panic if you don’t see it.

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