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The Art of Homeworld - Now in stock!

Posted in Gearbox, Homeworld by on April 8th, 2015

A month or so ago various screenshots of ‘The Art of Homeworld’ book that have been floating around the internet for a while. The book got sold in a very short limited run around the launch date of Homeworld Remastered and sold out near instantly. If you are like me and have been drooling over it and wondering when you can get your hands on it again then you are in luck as its now on sale for a limited run on Amazon! The great news comes via the Homeworld Remastered Facebook group post and on a recent Gearbox community article.  

The Art of Homeworld showcases the beauty of Homeworld Remastered Collection with elaborate drawings of ships, level concepts, and scenes from the animatics and is now available through! Click the link below to purchase the The Art of Homeworld on Amazon: Note that these art books will also be coming to Amazon Canada, United Kingdom, and Japan soon! Keep an eye on the Homeworld Twitter and Homeworld Facebook accounts for updated information as it becomes available. Homeworld has long had a reputation among real-time strategy enthusiasts as one of the most challenging,
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immersive, and epic games of its genre. Now at last the stunning development art that made the game an influential piece of sci-fi design history is available for the world to see. The Art of Homeworld is curated by original creators Rob Cunningham and Aaron Kambeitz, and contains many drawings which have been scanned for the first time from the artists’ personal archives. Also included are stories and information about the game gathered from exclusive interviews with Rob and Aaron. The Art of Homeworld is a worthy addition to the collection of any fan of the game or of sci-fi art in general.

  Currently it is for sale in the US only for $59.99 so grab it while you can. Look for Bluecanvas who is the producer of the art book as the seller. See you in space!

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