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Hardware Extravaganza! Pre-sales begin!

Posted in Blackbird, Homeworld:Shipbreakers by on April 26th, 2013

Bit of a blitz from Blackbird today.


First up Rock Paper Shotgun interview.


“We are envisioning an epic sci-fi roadtrip where the player gets to experience all of the crazy, amazing fun you’d have from controlling units that are epic in scale,” says Cunningham. “To clarify that: we’re on a desert planet, far away. This is an exo-recon/survival mission! You want a thing that inspires confidence. This is Paris-Dakar but madly in the future.”

Second, a interview.

GON: Hardware has been described as “the world’s first planetary-scale social strategy game”. That sounds like a lot of buzzwords. Can you clarify for us exactly what this means?

Dan: When we set out to realize our vision of creating a vehicle fantasy, Facebook was a popular medium and we thought that a ‘social’ framework would provide broad base to connect with a large community. We’ve since clarified our perspective: RTS and the social platform are a hard mix; Facebook is synonymous with shallow gameplay and ‘milking’ users; our vision is grander than Facebook’s platform constraints.

We are not making a ‘social strategy game’.

We’re making an RTS with both single-player and multi-player. There is gameplay on a planetary scale – meaning big maps and a big world to explore – and you have the ability to do that with friends. We’re eager to fix the misconception.

GON: So will users be required to have a Facebook or other social media account to play?

Dan: No, no social media

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account is required to play Hardware: Shipbreakers. You can sign up for the beta now at: . You need a PC to play the beta.

Second to last, the new trailer!



Finally, the pre-order store is up… but currently crashed due to traffic!

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