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Gearbox snatches Homeworld IP, with clear intent to re-release

Posted in Cataclysm, Gearbox, Homeworld, Homeworld 2 by on April 22nd, 2013



It could have gone one of two ways. Homeworld was either going to be snatched up by a AAA studio with their heart in the right place, or a money-loving team of re-releasers that are popping up more and more. Turns out it pretty much went both ways.

Gearbox, a company who made their name carrying on the success of titles on the behalf of their originator studios (Half-life, Tony Hawk, and Halo to name a few), have picked up the Homeworld IP. Recently though Gearbox have been producing their own original IP, Borderlands and have not-so-much continued, as put their own spin on other popular video game classics such as Aliens and Duke Nukem.

So what conclusion are we to draw when they pay what was probably mega-bucks for a dusty classic like Homeworld? Their statement gives us a hint:

assemble the purest form of the original acclaimed and beloved games, Homeworld and Homeworld 2, with the intent of making them accessible on today’s leading digital platforms.

So the originals are to be re-released. It’s hardly a surprise, and no doubt there were many other companies at the auction with that same intention. Though few will have been a company quite like Gearbox. With the recent success of Kickstart/restarts of a multitude of classic video games and HD re-releases of games like Age of Empire II this strategy is bound to be a success. But Gearbox don’t need a quick dime, they are a AAA developer and with this pickup comes a massive amount of fan excitement and expectation.

And Gearbox would positively be going backwards if they just

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gave us Homeworld and Homeworld 2 and then left it at that. They’ll be sure to be preparing to make their mark on the series…

But then again Gearbox have never made an RTS before…

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