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CoH2 - Basics

Posted in Company of Heroes by on May 4th, 2012

Comrade usakjw passed on some PC Gamer basic information about CoH2. viagra 500mg

But if you want to know the basics, read on below for how Relic intend to follow the best real-time strategy game of all time.
  • It’s set on the Russian front. You control the Soviets in their fight to repel the invading Nazi force.
  • Snow plays a major part on the battlefield, falling and melting

    dynamically, and slowing your soldiers 40 mg generic cialis and tanks based on its depth.

  • The game runs on the Essence 3 engine, the latest version of the graphics engine Relic have been updating and expanding upon for years.
  • The cover system has been revamped, to function more realistically and allow soldiers to vault over obstacles.
  • Line of sight plays a large tactical role, with the game’s fog of war based on what your soldier’s can actually see. Relic call this system “True Sight”, and it causes areas of the map to be grayed out
  • and enemies within turned invisible by buildings, items of cover, or dropped smoke grenades.
  • The Normandy landing that opened Company of Heroes (and Saving Private Ryan,
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    one of its key inspirations), was the 23rd biggest battle of World War 2. “13 of the 15 bloddiest battles” happened on the

  • Eastern front, points out Company of Heroes lead designer, Quinn Duffy. The game should represent those battles and their vicious scale, as much as it does minute infantry tactics.
  • Just like the original, the scenery is highly destructible, and you’ll be given control of plenty of tanks and other explosive equipment. That includes barn-burning flamethrowers.
  • There will be multiplayer, but Relic aren’t ready yet to talk about it.
  • The game is due out 2013.

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Posted by Hippieholgy at May 9th, 2012 at 1:39 pm

I really like COH.

What I like:
- each nation needs a different tactic
- great graphics
- tactical use of environment
- the tactical points on map
- in field upgrades for units (like flamethrowers, grenades, …)
- single player campaign
- AI is just great. It is really interesting to play against AI.

What I think could be improved:
- additional Multiplayer game types
- possibility to choose units for Multiplayer games (just infantry, …)
- cooperative multiplayer campaigns
- multiplayer games between nations from the same allies

What I wouldn’t like in COH2:
- “heros” like in warhammer dawn of war 2

Posted by german_gamer at May 13th, 2012 at 12:41 pm

The most important relic have to do are good maps. The current map-pool is not balanced.

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