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Homeworld Shipyards Updated!

Posted in Homeworld 2 by on August 20th, 2002

Looks like Arioch got his copy of PC Gamer and has posted some information about the ships shown in the PC Gamer issue. He also seems to have gotten a copy of an image of one of the ships that was supposed to have gone up on the Relic Website back in November of last year. He proposes that the large ship shown in the screenshots in PC Gamer is the same as the ship in this “leaked and then aggressively suppressed” image. There is also an entry for the single fighter shown in the PC Gamer shots.

Pop by The Homeworld Shipyards and have a look. While you’re at it, check out his latest updates to the Outsider Web Comic.

I would like to take this time to point out something to some people that are angry “that pc gamer got information before the community did”, “Alex promised the community would see new information before anyone else” and “they said there’d be no new information until 2003!!”. I refer you to this segment of the HW2 Chatlog from back in May:

[Pike] [Earth] When will the HW2 site be updated with Screen Shots?
[AlexG] will start to get updated in 2003… the first looks will come from the newsletter to our dedicated fans. I really wish I could let you check it out sooner, but as I said before we’re keeping our cards pretty close to the vest for the time being so that we can focus on the game.

You will note, that the question here asks specifically when the Homeworld 2 website will be updated (with screenshots). Now you’ll note that Alex answers that the Homeworld 2 website will be updated in 2003. Logically, when he then mentions a first look to our dedicated fans, you should then assume that he’s referring to the HW2 website, not Homeworld 2 in general. There is no mention of Magazines,, TV or any other media outlet about releasing HW2 information.

What irks me more than anything, is that the community is getting Homeworld 2 information and people are pissed about it! I’m sure Relic and Sierra will want to release more information when they see the reaction to this batch. ;-> Stop freakin’ complaining that Relic/Sierra has broken their word as they haven’t. Next time, if you want more precise answers, ask better questions :-)

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