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We’ve been fortunate enough to get hold of both Quinn Duffy and Jeffery Simpson at Relic to talk to us about their upcoming release Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies in more detail.

While we had them, we also talked about their relationship with the community, better use of data, mapping and community content and what it’s like now working for Sega.

Read all about it here!

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies announcement (including trailer)

Posted in General by on March 28th, 2014


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Today it has been announced that Relic’s newest game is Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies, a standalone multiplayer game.

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Homeworld Remastered. Collector's Edition Poll

Posted in Gearbox, Homeworld, Homeworld 2 by on March 5th, 2014

Gearbox has put up a page outlining what’s possible for the Homeworld Remastered Collector’s edition, also outlining and hinting at release dates!

See more (and vote) here:



 Taken from

“Save 50% off Company of Heroes 2 and Total War: Rome II during this week’s Weekend Deal!

Right now ROME II and Company of Heroes 2 fans are at WAR! Every victory you have in these two games until February 17th at 9am Pacific, counts towards this ultimate faceoff! The fans who earn the highest percentage of victories in that time will win access to free DLC! Free content will be available to download once the winning side is announced until 10am pacific Saturday, February 22nd.

You can follow along to see which side is winning at

*Discount ends Monday, February 17th at 10am pacific.”

Relicnews Reviews: Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix DLC

Posted in General gaming, Review by on October 24th, 2013




Full disclosure: During my playtest with Deep Silver/Koch Media they filled me with cookies and coffee, so my judgement may be impaired.
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Penny Arcade - Why Gearbox bought Homeworld

Posted in Blackbird, Homeworld by on September 11th, 2013

Great article over at Penny-Arcade.

Rob Cunningham is the CEO of Blackbird Interactive, but before that he was a founding member of Relic, and the art designer of Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2. Blackbird is home to many developers who worked on the Homeworld universe, but they were working on an RTS called HARDWARE: Shipbreakers, a game that dealt with survival on a desert planet as groups of salvagers harvested the remains of crashed ships.

It was a prequel to Homeworld in everything but name. They just couldn’t legally say that. Gearbox’s acquisition, however, proved attractive to the team.

“It started when [Gearbox] picked up the Homeworld IP. We knew them from before, we were surprised, we thought it was amazing,” said Cunningham. The developers at Blackbird sent over a congratulatory statement and a few images from their personal archive to welcome them to the universe of Homeworld.

These overtures weren’t just friendly, as Shipbreakers would need much more money to be completed.

“We were looking for additional financing, because it needed a great deal more money to be completed in the way we thought it needed to be completed,” Cunningham said. “So we started talking to these guys.”

Glad I’m involved with BBI!

Relicnews Reviews: The Humble Deep Silver Bundle - 30 minute edition

Posted in General gaming by on August 13th, 2013


The Humble Deep Silver Bundle


Deep Silver’s take on the Humble Indie Bundle has almost run its course and we figured to give people a brief run-down of the titles involved before the opportunity to get the bundle passes. 30 Minute Edition – this article contains the impressions gained from the first 30 minutes of the game to give you a brief impression of what each game is like and whether the bundle’s a good buy for you.

Read it here!

Chris Calland from the We Want Homeworld 3 Facebook group compiled this list of articles:

Tech 2

Digital Spy

The Escapist


The Sixth Axis


In Short, the HD copies will cost you, but if you buy them, you get copies of the originals as well. No pricing, or timeline released. Only a small team working on it currently at Gearbox.

Company of Heroes 2 Launch Day!

Posted in Company of Heroes by on June 24th, 2013

Company of Heroes 2 is available today!

Purchase now on steam.

I’ve had a terribly good time playing the Beta. Can’t wait to get my hands on Single Player later today!

Company of Heroes 2 - Open Beta!

Posted in Company of Heroes by on June 5th, 2013

The Open Beta is on for Steam users who pre-ordered!

Instructions seem to be to simply go to your library and install Company of Heroes! Looks like Multiplayer progress in the Open Beta will carry over to retail as well!

We also have some fantastic news for beta participants and pre-order customers. Anyone who participates in the Open beta will be able to transfer all progression and unlocks earned, if they purchase the game within the first 60 days of launch and play it on the same Steam account as the beta! That means any commanders, skins or bulletins you unlock in beta will be yours to use in the full game.

I’ve very much enjoyed my time with CoH 2 so far!